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The Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority is excited to announce that the transition to the new online payment system is complete. Customers can now view their accounts online and access easy and convenient methods to view and pay their water and sewer bills. The new features include: 

  • View and Pay Bills Online 24/7
  • AutoPay Options 
  • Paperless Billing
  • Pay by Text
  • Pay by Phone 24/7

Customers can pay online at or by phone at 844-750-0001.   New and existing customers will need to register for an account when logging in for the first time.Customers can email questions to or call customer service at 412-243-6200.



 stormwater management

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Borough office hours are:

Monday thru Friday          9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Please feel free to contact the Borough Manager, Cheryl Sorrentino, with any inquiries or concerns. 

You can reach her at 412-241-5080 Opt. 1

or via e-mail at


Braddock Hillsis located in *Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

*Located approximately 8 miles south of Pittsburgh. 

*Incorporated 1946.

*Population of 1,730 (2020 Census)

*Area Schools: Woodland Hills School District and Propel Schools 

Propel Schools is located in Braddock Hills and serves students K-12

"At Home Back Pack" to keep you learning and growing

The Borough Council and manager have been receiving a lot of inquiries regarding the new playground. We want to provide some answers and information so everyone is up to date on the status of this project:

> Although the equipment is installed, it is not complete as we are now waiting for the surface to be installed. We have made several inquiries on a potential date, but still waiting for a response. Please note that the process will take at least 1 week as the surface has to cure for 3-4 days and then limestone must be installed afterwards by a separate contractor. Once they start the process, we will have a better projected date for the opening of our playground.

> We are sorry for any inconvenience while the new playground is being installed and we closed the old playground. We closed the old playground because the equipment had rust and sharp edges and became a hazard. In addition to making any repairs, even temporary, we would have to place mulch to bring it up to code. This would've cost the Borough easily over a $1,000.00 and was not a guarantee that it would be up to code as there was a lot of damage not easily visible. 

>Last, but certainly not least, there will be a couple days that the playground will be closed as we have a designated handicap parking section paved over the current parking lot. Also, there will be a cement walkway from the parking lot to the playground for easier access. These items had to be bid separately as the costs are covered by a separate grant and different contractor. Again, we will keep you posted as we receive start dates and projected completion dates from our contractors. 

We will update this page once we have a completion date as we plan to celebrate our new          playground with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Thank you for your patience & understanding.