Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

By definition these materials can be harmful and should never go into your community’s regular trash. The materials listed below have commonly been referred to as household hazardous waste or  HHW but are now commonly referred to as home generated special materials.

These materials include:

     Automotive products (antifreeze, fluids, motor oil, oil filters, gasoline, polish and wax)

     Batteries (home and vehicle)Electronics ( TV, computers, laptops, cell phones, printers, fax machines, MP3 players, DVD/CD/tape players, and more)

     Fluorescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)

     Household cleaners ( ammonia, drain cleaner, rust remover, tile/shower cleaner and more)

     Universal materials( include mercury containing items: thermometers, thermostats)

     Paint products ( oil-based paint, latex paint, spray paint, caulk, wood preservative, wood stain)

     Garden chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides)

     Sharps (needles and lancets)

     Swimming Pool Chemicals

Home Pickup
In certain communities, some of these materials can be collected at the home. It’s important that residents keep these materials separate from regular trash. It is not recommended to place down a sink or storm drain – it could contaminate groundwater or potentially flow into larger bodies of water.

General information

new residents

Please read and print our New Residents' Letter which contains all the essential information useful when first moving into the community.

Requests for public records

Pursuant to Resolution 9 of 2002, requests for public records must be submitted on the PA Office of Open Records "Standard Right-To-Know Request Form" and submitted to the Borough Office.  If you are unable to access the form please contact the borough offices.

Right-to-Know Form


Applications can be found at the Allegheny County Economic Development website at  

Please review the program guidelines for more information.


If you see an individual soliciting business in the borough that is not affiliated with a religious organization, call the police at 9-1-1 to report them immediately. Any person soliciting goods and/or services in the borough is required to have a permit, so we must ensure that they are adhering to the law. However, this does not apply to religious organizations. 

requirements & permits

Borough Requirements on Refinancing & Purchase of a Property:

  • Tax Certification (3-year) is $40.00. Requests must be submitted to the Tax Collector and payments can be made to Braddock Hills Borough.
  • Lien Letter & Delinquent Borough Tax requests can be submitted to Jordan Tax Service. You can contact them at 412-835-5243 for more information.
  • Dye Test ($35.00) – Covers cost of the form of the dye test that a registered master plumber certified must complete.Dye Test Applications are available at our Borough Office or you can  download here.

Borough Permits

  • Occupancy Inspection/Permit -  If you’re renting or selling a house in the Borough, an occupancy inspection is required. The Code Enforcement Officer must complete a walk through the house to check on smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, furnace, wiring, etc. Please contact the borough office to make arrangements with the Code Enforcement Officer. An Occupancy Permit are available online or at our Borough here       A list of common deficiencies as per the International Property Maintenance Code can be accessed here (NOTE: the list may not be accurate as the IPMC is updated, but can be used a guideline when preparing for an inspection)

​   Tenant registration forms for rental properties can be accessed here. ​

  • Building Permits - are required for many types of repair/renovation work for properties within the Borough. Building Permits cover structural repairs, renovations and alterations including but not limited to: roof replacement, retaining walls, electrical wiring, fencing and pool installations. Please pick up all applications for permits at the Borough Office and be prepared to pay by check, money order or the exact amount in cash. The Borough Office does not have cash on the premise to make change. 
  • Block Party Permits – If your street is planning to have a block party, you must provide a letter to the Borough Council with details (date, time and what will be involved).  This must be done at least one month prior to the party so that Council can discuss and inform the Police Dept. for safety reasons.  Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.