Cooperating Federal, State, and county agencies are conducting an oral raccoon rabies baiting project in western Pennsylvania. A vaccine packet is coated or placed inside a fishmeal block, which is very tasty to raccoons. The baits are dropped from low-flying airplanes or helicopters, or by local teams on foot or in vehicles.



What if I find rabies baits?

Baits should be left alone - but intact baits can be moved if they are found where children and pets play. Damaged baits should be bagged and disposed in the trash.

  • Wear gloves or use a plastic bag when picking up the baits
  • Toss intact baits into a fencerow, woodlot, ditch, or other raccoon habitat areas
  • Wash your hands after any skin contact with a damaged bait

​What if my pet eats a bait?

  • A few baits are not harmful, although eating a lot may cause vomiting or diarrhea
  • Do not risk getting bitten by taking a bait away from your pet
  • Confine your pet for a couple of days, and check the area for more baits
  • If your pet eats a bait, avoid your pet's saliva for 24 hours, and wash skin or wounds that may have been licked

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